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“I’m not a professional but I’m a pretty good fisherman. Recently, the fish were not biting so I logged onto BassForce to see what the Pros were recommending. I used one if their recommendations and started catching fish, including a 7 pounder.”

– Tim C.

“After I downloaded BassForce my son and I made a trip out to our local lake. We decided to fish in a part of the lake we didn’t normally fish to learn some new water. The #1 lure recommendation under the Premium Match tab was a square-bill crank bait so we both tied one one. In about an hour we hooked up with 8 nice fish, including one over 5 pounds.”

– Danny B.

“The app was spot on with the catches my partner and I had, but Jason’s recommendation on the War Eagle spinnerbait helped me get my last 4 in the boat. 4 Pound smallie exploded on top water and we won 1st and big bass.”

– Pam H.

“My most common questions at seminars are the ‘what if’ kind.
What if the water is falling fast, or what if a cold front hits on tournament day, or what if the bass are striking short?
And sometimes it’s the same thing I find myself wondering … what are the other guys doing right now to catch them? It’s all in this app. We’ve spent countless hours to help deliver the right answers.”

– Jason Christie

Frequently Asked Questions

Will BassForce work on any lake?

Yes, because BassForce is based on fishing conditions and is not lake specific. Our pros are simply the best in the world at analyzing fishing conditions and figuring out productive patterns.

Is BassForce really giving recommendations from the pros or is it just an algorithm?

Each pro had to personally enter over 30,000 individual data points in order to get their years of bass fishing knowledge into the BassForce app. They’ve each gone to great lengths to ensure that their data is accurate.

How long does it take for new lures or techniques to show up on the BassForce app?

Our pros are on the cutting edge of bass fishing, and constantly update their personal lures and fishing styles to reflect that. It’s quite likely that BassForce will be the first place you’ll ever see some of the newest stuff!

Is the #1 lure pick always going to be the best?

Figuring out which lure is hot on any given day is a process of elimination.  Try using the GAME PLAN feature to develop a list of baits you’d like to try, and the order you’d like to try them in.  There are almost always multiple productive patterns at given time, and our goal is to help dial you in quickly.

What are the PRESETs all about?

Presets are basically shortcuts to entering condition data.  Try entering the conditions for your favorite lake, then save it as a preset.  Then on your next trip to that lake you’ll simply have to import the weather conditions and you’re in business!

How often should I submit fishing conditions during a fishing day?

Changes in condition can occur quickly any time you’re on the water, and it’s a good idea to query the pros again to take advantage of their knowledge. Some examples of when you might want to run a new BassForce scenario include: significant changes in weather, a change in the type of cover you are fishing around, or moving to an area of the lake with different water color. Pay close attention to the conditions around you and let BassForce be your guide.

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